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    On this site you will find the software "Full Metal Program" based on the board game "Full Metal Planète". A game by Ludodélire S.A.R.L. (a french compagny that not exist any more), created by Gérard Delfanti, Gérard Mathieu and Pascal Trigaux.

    All the news hereafter.

The Board Game

    "Full Metal Planète" is a non-conventional wargame, very fun, where the strategy is fundamental.

    Pilot for a mining compagny, your mission is to land your spaceship on a Full Metal Planet and to harvest maximum ore.

    To accomplish this mission, your equiment contain some ground and naval units. These units allow you to haverst ore, to defend yourself or to attack other mining compagnies. It is possible to destroy but also to capture opponent equipment, including spaceships.

    You will have to pay attention to the tide or your unit may be agrounded or stucked.

    This game is turn based and action points based.

    More information is available on Board Game page.

The Software

    The software is suitable for Windows XP, 2000, 98, NT.
    It can be played by email or using Hot Seat mechanism.

    The software can be downloaded on Software page.

    The software come with some documents:


    Feb 13 2008 - 2.3.7 release
    Fix a major bug introduced by release 2.3.6 and some minor bugs.

    Jan 02 2008 - 2.3.6 release
    Fix some bugs introduced by release 2.3.5.

    Oct 10 2007 - 2.3.5 release
    This release brings some improvement.

    Jun 24 2007 - 2.3.4 release
    This release fix some bugs introduced by release 2.3.3.

    Jun 15 2007 - 2.3.3 release
    This release fix some bugs and brings some improvement.

    Dec 31 2006 - 2.3.2 release - User manuel - Rules of the game
    This release fix some bugs.
    The user manual and rules of the games are now available.

    Sep 19 2006 - 2.3.1 release
    This release add game options to select size of deployement zone and to select minimum distance between two spaceships.

    Apr 23 2006 - 2.3.0 release
    This release add the pre-turn to select taking off spaceship (turn 21).

    Jan 21 2005 - 2.2.5 release
    A lots of improvement on this release.
    In addition, the "software page" and the "link page" are now available in english.

    Nov 13 2005 - Problem on 2.2.3 release
    A bug on next player computation leads the program to crash. The 2.2.4 release fix this problem. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    Nov 6 2005 - First Delivery in English
    First release of the Full Metal Program in english, on 2.2.3 release.