2  Planet

2.1  Map

The map of the ground
It is oblong and is made of hexagonal cells.


Cells may have differents natures of ground:

Open seas are blue.

Reefs are blue speckled with ochre.

Swamps are ochre speckled with blue.

Plains are ochre.

Mountains are brown.

2.2  Tides

Each game turn is subjected to a tide: high, normal or low.

During high tide reefs and swamps are seas.
During normal tide reefs are seas and swamps are lands.
During low tide reefs and swamps are lands.

Tide effect on the map

The map in normal tide
Swamps are part of the continent.
Reefs are navigable water.

The map in low tide
Some seas becomes of simple lakes, locking navy units.
The ground units can hurl themselves on the fords which have just appeared.

The map in high tide
The sea invades swamps, stucking or isolating the careless ground units; for the biggest enjoyment of the navy units, which can penetrate far inside lands.
Devilish, no ?

Effect of tides on the ground

 Tide   Reefs   Swamps 
cell  Ground  cell  Ground 
High Sea Sea
Normal Sea Land
Bass Land Land

Effect of tides on the units

 Ground   Navy units   Ground units 
Land Aground Operational
Sea Operational Stuck

The aground or stuck units can do nothing. They are strictly unmovable, but are capturable and destroyable, and made obstacles to the traffic. They stay in this state until back to a favorable tide.

2.3  Ore


The ore is spread on all the map. He can be definitively embarked on spaceships to increase the score(hit) or be to transform into supplementary units.

An ore occupies a cell, it is thus an obstacle to the dragging(movement).


Six ways to act on the ore are:

  • Load it in a spaceship or a carrier.
  • Transport it by means of a carrier.
  • Unload it from a carrier.
  • Transship it from a carrier to a spaceship or a carrier.
  • Transform it with a weather layer.
  • Destroy it with destroyers.

Types of ore

There are three kind of ore:

 Name  Ore  Composition   Value 
Iron      Common metals 2
Gold      Rare metals 3
 Gem       Precious stones 5

The ore is not strictly speaking constituted by iron, gold or gem, this is how Full Metal Harvester named them. They are made of respectively common metals, rare metals and precious stones.

The gem ore exist under various forms and various colours. However all have the same value.

Attention, gem ore is not transformable.

It's better to transform some iron ore rather than gold ore because this one has more value.
The units made with a gold ore is not better than an other.