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Full Metal Planète is a game(set) of Ludodélire S.A.R.L (company not existing any more), created by Gérard Delfanti, Gérard Mathieu and Pascal Trigaux.

Full Metal Planète was, after Supergang, the second game conceived and produced by the team of Ludodélire. It was the great time, spaceships painted with love, game which lasted all night long.

Full Metal Planète is a sort of wargame conceived by players who knew nothing of the wargame and thus reinvented everything, quite recreated. Material, luxurious, in fact doubtless one of the heaviest ever produced games: magnificent details, lead, represent the various units, the true small pebbles, red or grey depending to the box, represent the ore. Each of the players is the computer managing an expedition, completely mechanized come seize invaluable wealth of distant one planet. All the spaceships, heavily loaded with armored vehicle and material of extraction, arrive at the same time on the planet. Each has for objective to harvest the most possible of ore, what entails rather fast confrontations with the armies of the rival companies.

The Spaceship is your starting point on the planet, where from will leave all your units. It is armed with three turrets to protect it from enemy attacks, and can never move. If your spaceship is taken, the enemy seizes your reserves and your invaluable ore, and you leave the game.
The Weather Layer is an essential unit, because she cannot be replaced. Only it can transform the raw ore of the planet into new units to attack the opponent. It is also thanks to it that you can know the future tide and avoid seeing your units getting stuck in the mud.
The Crab can transport of the ore towards the spaceship or towards the wheather layer, and he also transports, occasionally, tanks or pontoons. As wheather layer, it does not fight.
Tanks and the Big Tank move by ground way and serve for attacking the opponent. Heavier, and incapable to cross mountains, the big tank also has a longer range of fire which makes it an essential unit of any army.
The Barge serves for transporting your units by sea route. Its big capacity can allow you fast movements of consequent armies, but the barge is also very vulnerable.
The Patrol Boat is nothing else than a tank moving by sea route.

The mechanics of game, which does not appeal almost at random, is based on a system of action points. Each in his turn has fifteen points, and three minutes; who can be used to move units, to fire at opponent units, to make supplementary units by means of his wheather layer.

15 points, it is never enough when you want at the same moment to harvest the ore, to prepare your defence and to lead a fast operation of commando group against some opponent units, and you will have to choose. But 15 points, it is a lot when the enemy uses them to destroy one of your tanks before seizing your crab and the ore which he transports because to Full Metal Planète, as to the failures, a well prepared blow can very hurt, and an error never forgives. It is thus a game where the concentration has to be total, permanent, even and especially during the turn of your opponents, because you will have only three minutes to play when will come your.

A big game of strategy.