1  Goal of the Game

1.1  The Goal

The goal of this game is to leave Full Metal Planet with a maximum of ore and equipment.

1.2  Game Summary

You land your shaceship on Full Metal Planet for an harvest ore party. This party will last 21 or 25 turns.

Each player play once per turn. To play the player has action points.

During the game a player may :

  • Harvest ore using carriers, and bring back to spaceship.
  • Build some additional units, using weather layer and consuming ore.
  • Destroy or capture opponent units using detroyers.
  • Threat or bother opponent occupying strategic points on the map.
  • Capture one or several spaceship in order to increase your units and to take advantage of action points bonus.
  • Negociate a non agression pact with too dangerous opponent

If you manage well, your spaceships will take off at turn 21 or 25 (your choice). Each unit will score 1 victory point. Each ore will score (depending of the kind) 2, 3, or 5 victory points. The winner is the player with the great number of victory point.